My 2020 Vision

Actually, I wear glasses, but my writing plan is pretty clear. More paranormal. Yes, I'll be adding new stories to the Awakening Pride series, The Holloways, and the James Pack. Plus I have a brand new series I'm hoping to launch! Oh, it's a great one!! You're going to love it! I'm also planning to get the rest of the Bare Love books back out.

Re-releasing books I've gained the rights back to isn't as easy as you might think. It's the one chance I have to clean them up before sending them back out into the world. Most are no issue, but my earlier works tend to head hop. This drives me nuts now, while reading or writing. Thus, the clean up. They'll be back out though. Try to be patient with me. 2019 was devoted to getting all the Pleasures books back out. 2020 will be about getting the rest of the Bare Love Series back and possibly working on getting another series back out. I'll share more once I know for sure. By the way...

It's hard to believe we're getting ready to enter a new decade! Time has flown by so fast. Professionally, two of my publishers closed. Eventually, I got the rights back to all my books and have been working on getting everything back out as quickly as I can. I went from having almost eighty books out to less than ten. Now I'm back to forty-three published. I'm really excited about that!


On a personal note... Where to begin. My oldest two both graduated from high school. My oldest son joined the Army, married his high school sweetheart, and made me the happiest Gigi in the world. My daughter graduated from high school and made the choice to move with me and my youngest from Indiana to Oklahoma. I had some major health scares that I'm still seeing specialists about, but everything looks promising. So much change but each one has brought us joy. Our latest was moving into our new apartment in December! Yes, we moved at Christmas. Pure joy!

Next year, I have no idea what my personal life will bring, but I look forward to discovering it. I'm ready for 2020! I have big plans and dreams to keep chasing! 2020 is going to be amazing!

Wishing you a great 2020!


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