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Sasha's Wounded Wolf
The James Pack - Book 7

Sasha's Wouunded Wolf2 BN.jpg


My life changed forever the day I was attacked. I barely survived. If not for my brother, I wouldn’t have. Learning that my mate had died in an accident the same day made me pray for death. Revenge gave me purpose until there was no more blood to spill. It was a miracle that saved me. One I vowed to hide away and protect with my life. Until an old friend says he has information on my mate’s death.


I remember the explosion, the fire, and the darkness that sucked me away from it all. Then I woke to unbearable pain and damage even my wolf couldn’t heal. Fire is a brutal enemy, but it wasn’t what destroyed me. No, destruction came with news my mate had been attacked and killed. I didn’t believe it. Refused to even entertain the possibility. Now, I won’t rest until I find her and put those responsible for separating us six feet under.   

Running Bare2.jpg

Running Bare
Bare Love - Book 5

Julia White is working a case that might drive her mad. Needing a few moments of solace, she takes comfort in a stranger’s arm. Afterward, walking away takes everything she has, but all bets are off when he waltzes back into her life days later.

Jack Madigan left Legacy in search of answers about his family tree. It’s a quick trip until he meets a leggy blonde in a bar. Until he tastes her, touches her, loses himself inside her. Now, he’s not leaving until he finds her and makes her his. Permanently.

Polar's Light
The Holloways 6

Polars Light3.jpg

A polar bear shifter with no place to call home. Not anymore. Not since the day Fletch’s mother had sent away him and his younger brother to protect them. They’d found a place with the Holloway Den, but does a polar bear really belong in a den of grizzlies? After all these years, Fletch fears it might be time to move on, to build a home of his own.

One moment changed Helen’s life, allowing her to escape the underground cave where she’s been held for years. Locked away from the world. From the sun, the fresh air, the trees. From all the things a bear shifter craves. Unable to shift, weak from hunger and lack of water, she struggles for each step away from her captors. But she won’t give up until she gets help for the other female captives.

One look and Fletch knows what he’s been searching for. Taking in the fragile state of the woman before him, rage fills both man and beast. But one-word screams through his soul, then her lips part and she whispers it aloud. Mate.


War King's Bride
The War Kings - Book 3

War King Geoffrey Lyons can’t get the woman he caught on his land out of his mind. He’s searched, but she’s nowhere to be found. When a call for help comes from an unlikely place, he knows it’s her. To save her, he’ll make her his bride, and in claiming her, make her a queen.

Gabe's Lone Wolf.jpg

Gabe's Lone Wolf
James Pack Book 5


I’m a lone wolf. I’ve been on the run for years from the wolf pack I was born into, always managing to stay one step ahead. My former alpha won’t let me go unless I force him, which is exactly what I plan to do. With a little help from the James Pack.


She walked into my life, running from an obsessed alpha, and ran right into another. Me. I plan to show her she doesn’t need to run. I’m going to help her. Right after I mate her and make her mine.

Heart of a Lion
Awakening Pride - Book 11

Heart of a Lion.jpg

The Human Shifter...


After years spent as a mad scientist’s experiment, Quinn is free with only one plan. Protect the child she’s carrying at all costs. Until she begins manifesting strange physiological changes. At least for a human. Growls she could explain, but the claws sprouting from her fingertips are another story.


A Super Solider...


Mitch took one look at Quinn and knew he’d do whatever it took to protect her. She called to something inside him, a part that had been silent for too long. From the moment he first swept her up into his arms, he vowed he’d do whatever it took to protect her. No matter the cost.




From the first shot fired to the last, blood will spill as will secrets until there’s nothing left but the call of something that should never have survived but did. There’s something growing stronger inside her. Something born in blood and ready to claim vengeance. Just as soon as they claim their mate.

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