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Wolf's Wild Woman


I needed a safe place to lay low for the night. Instead, I met him, and all thoughts of leaving this town behind flew out the window. He gave me a safe place. In his arms. In his bed. In his heart.


As soon as I caught her scent, I knew she was mine. Then she approached me and willingly touched me. No fear for the behemoth with the scarred face and broken vocal chords. In that moment, I knew she was mine. I knew I was never letting her go.

Wrapped in Pleasure

Three sexy men and one lucky lady…bring on the pleasure!

Noelle has spent the last year as the personal assistant to the three CEOs of JM Frost & Co. Though she fantasizes about each of them, they don’t seem to share her interest. The last thing she expected was to be fired right before Christmas. Least of all through an email!

Kris, Nick, and Frosty are tired of hiding their desire for their sexy assistant. They want her in their bed not their office.

A sudden snowstorm could bring them all the best gift of all and leave each of them wrapped in pleasure.

The Billionaire's Knight

He gets what he wants when he wants it.

After an attempted break-in, Billionaire Jase Hayes hires a team of experts to overhaul his security systems. It’s a team he’s hand-selected, most notably Security Specialist Gwen Mercer, the woman he can’t get out of his head. The woman he wants in his bed.

After two tours in the Middle East, Gwen Mercer found a home at Knight’s Watch, a security company that hires soldiers transitioning from active duty to civilian life. Upgrading safety measures with a billionaire is simply part of her job. Ending up in his bed isn’t.

A billionaire who resists “no.” A soldier afraid of “yes.” Will either of them get what they really want? Not if the one targeting Hayes Industries has any say.

Kodiak's Heart

For love or duty?

Emersyn Langston has been through hell, and she’s not going to stop until she gets some answers. Her last hope – find the Holloway brothers and seek their protection for her and her ward. To make that happen, she’ll have to hide the truth about what she is.

Laramie Holloway is determined to protect the surviving females of his pack. Before he can work out a way to do it, a blonde dynamo barrels onto his land requesting protection and upending his life.

Both he and his bear know she belongs to them. Only problem is she’s human, a definite no when it comes to the alpha’s mate. What can he do when his alpha duty will shatter his Kodiak’s heart?

One Good Man

A stormy night, a deserted country road, a blown tire, and a woman on the run from a killer. Is the handsome young Marine there to save her? Or is he just a figment of her imagination? Casey is caught between a murderer, a ghost and the wounded soldier who could save her life or break her heart.

Grant can deal with Thanksgiving snowstorms and determined killers, but not his brother's ghost and not a woman who makes him start thinking about the future. He’s willing to risk his life for hers, but what about his heart?