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Bear with Me
The Holloways 7

Bear With Me.jpg

Jemma Coulson has been driving Brock Holloway crazy since the moment she arrived. The pull between them is undeniable. She insights his temper at every turn and ignites a lust only a mating will satisfy. Yet, he can’t claim her. Not yet. Maybe never.

After years of being locked away, Jemma longs for the freedom to come and go as she pleases. Finding herself with the Holloways isn’t the freedom she wanted. Instead, she finds herself surrounded by an overload of testosterone with the seven brothers, especially Brock. The man drives her insane yet fills her with an unbearable heat.

Will an attack bring them closer together or tear them apart for good?

For the best reading experience, this series should be read in order.


War King's Prize
The War Kings - Book 4

When War King Marcus Blaywolf comes across a group of men attempting to enter the Dread Lands, he knows something is off. Stealing their guarded prize, he sends them on their way. The prize? A woman. One with fire on her tongue. Fire that ignites a desire in Marcus that can only be sated by one thing. Claiming his prize and making her his bride.

Soul of a Lynx
Awakening Pride - Book 12


Murphy’s life has become nothing more than a series of beatings that leave him hovering closer and closer to death. His lynx is locked inside him. His bond with his brother gone. No one is coming to save him, and he no longer believes he can save himself.


Oakley Talbot is nothing more than a science project, created in a lab by a mad scientist. Shifters hate her for the blood running through her veins. Hunters hate her for the exact same reason. She belongs nowhere. Not with the family she has. Not with the team she’s built.

Soul Bound…

A man unwilling to die. A woman with no idea how to live. Together, they’ll find more than either hoped for and bring the mightiest hunter of all to his knees.

Soul of a Lynx.jpg
Pipers Perfect Mate.jpg

Piper's Perfect Mate
James Pack - Book 8


I’ve wanted him from the moment I saw him. Tall, strong, dependable, and I only have eyes for him. The only problem is he doesn’t know I exist. I’d give anything for him to notice me, but I never expect what happens when he does.



I tried to ignore her, but she doesn’t make it easy. I feel her gaze on me, watching my every move. There’s only one thing holding me back. She’s young, too young for a wolf like me. Until another wolf shows interest in her. There’s no more denying myself or her. She might come to my bed a virgin, but she’ll be leaving it as my mate.

Sasha's Wounded Wolf
The James Pack - Book 7

Sasha's Wouunded Wolf2 BN.jpg


My life changed forever the day I was attacked. I barely survived. If not for my brother, I wouldn’t have. Learning that my mate had died in an accident the same day made me pray for death. Revenge gave me purpose until there was no more blood to spill. It was a miracle that saved me. One I vowed to hide away and protect with my life. Until an old friend says he has information on my mate’s death.


I remember the explosion, the fire, and the darkness that sucked me away from it all. Then I woke to unbearable pain and damage even my wolf couldn’t heal. Fire is a brutal enemy, but it wasn’t what destroyed me. No, destruction came with news my mate had been attacked and killed. I didn’t believe it. Refused to even entertain the possibility. Now, I won’t rest until I find her and put those responsible for separating us six feet under.   

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