Grizzly's Bear

Awakening Pride: The Holloways - Book 3

Grizzly bear Slade Holloway has found his mate, and he’s not taking no for an answer.


Rissa Montgomery followed her alpha to Wyoming and the Holloways, hoping for a fresh start. Instead, she was taken by hunters, tortured, and almost killed.


Slade Holloway is determined to get one more night with the sexy brown bear who has him wound in knots. The brief taste she gave him wasn’t enough. He wants it all. With her.


He has no problem giving chase every time she runs from him. Until the moment he doesn’t reach her in time. Now, he’ll do everything in his power to make sure nothing hurts her again. By making sure she understands that from now on she’s the Grizzly’s Bear. Just as soon as she opens her eyes.

Simon's Runaway Mate

James Pack Book 5


I’ve been fascinated with shifters since my father married one and I inherited a big brother named Hannibal. Following him on the hunt for rogue wolves was fun and exciting. Right up to the minute it wasn’t. Waking up in a hospital bed with a large golden god looming over me wasn’t on my radar either. Falling for him? Out of the question. Now, I’m running because no matter how much I yearn for his touch, I’m not who he wants. But Simon? I’m learning he’s the wolf those tall tales warn you about.


I’ve always had a fascination with humans. So fragile as they go about their day to day lives never knowing what lurks around them. Then there was her. I spilled blood for her. I’d do it again. I claimed her when I carried her to safety. My mate. I’ll forgive her for not understanding. She is human. But running from me should have never crossed her mind. Now, I’ll have to chase her down and show her exactly who she belongs to.

Mending the Beast

Awakening Pride - Book 10

A Dying Lion...

Rejected by his mate, Daniel has been on a suicide mission in hopes of avenging her even though he’ll never know her love. When a battle with hunters leaves him in a coma, no one can understand why his animal isn’t healing him.

A Broken Tiger...

A brutal attack left Ariel with wounds soul deep. Nightmares she’d once locked deep have returned with a vengeance, bringing a rise of questions to her mind. Her pride believes she’s cast off her mate when the truth is far worse. 


One with a shattered spirit, sure she’ll never be what he needs. One with a shattered body, tired of walking away. Both in need of the mending only a mate’s love can bring. If only they’re willing to reach out and claim it.


I don’t belong. Despite my alpha brother’s protection, many in our pack don’t want a freak like me around. My one chance at acceptance lies with my mate. I know he’s searching for me, but he’s not the only one. I don’t want to die without knowing his face, experiencing his touch, feeling his love.


I don’t belong. With a name like Hannibal, is it any wonder? Most call me Beast, usually in a voice filled with fear. I’m a reaper of sorts. A wolf who hunts down bad wolves, bringing justice for those who most need it. My one shot at acceptance lies in finding my mate. When the man I’m hunting takes a hostage, he signs his death warrant. Once I catch her scent, I know who she is. Mine. Any harm she suffers will be returned tenfold, and her justice will be given in blood and death.

Bee's Enraged Beast

James Pack Book 4

Their Wild One

Awakening Pride - Prequel

Running with wolves…

Jess Mueller has spent her entire life with one obsession. Wolves. She’s chased legends surrounding them all over the world and stumbled across the biggest discovery of all in the wilds of Oregon.


Playing with alphas…

Drawing out an enemy brings the four wolf alphas together. When a lone woman is injured during an attack meant to hurt them, there’s nothing to do but take her with them.


Driving them wild…

Four alphas. One woman.  They’re fighting for more than their lives. They’re fighting for their packs, their way of life, and the one woman none of them want to let go.

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