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Alpha's Unwilling Mate

Alpha's Unwilling Mate

James Pack - Book 1


I refuse to mate a man I don’t know. My father’s dictate has me ready to run and never look back. I won’t be the virgin sacrifice used to entice Bastion James to accept my community as part of his pack. Nothing will change my mind. Especially not the man himself. Not the way he looks at me, the way he touches me, or the heat of his kiss.


From the moment I saw her, I knew she was mine. Raina Byrd belonged in my arms. More importantly, she belonged in my bed. One glimpse at the fire in her eyes and I knew we’d burn the world around us until nothing else existed. One touch of her skin and I was lost to anyone else. One taste of her lips and I knew I’d kill to possess her.

I warned her what would happen if she tried to run. Now, I won’t be satisfied until I’m buried inside her and she’s screaming my name

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Beta's Virgin Bride
Betas Virgin Bride - Final-D.jpg

Beta's Virgin Bride

James Pack - Book 2



He came out of nowhere, throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me off as if he had any right to. Then he kissed me and all the reasons that kept me saying no to sex spontaneously combusted, leaving me hot and needy for a man I didn’t know. What’s a virgin to do? I ran.




One look and I knew she was mine. Ivy, a clinging vine and a fitting name for the woman I planned to wrap up in for the rest of my life. One taste and she has me ready to beg. Until a diversion sends her fleeing. Once I deal with them, I’ll deal with my mate. Because that’s what she’ll be the next time I get her alone. Mated.

Wolf's Wild Woman

Wolf's Wild Woman

James Pack Book 3


I needed a safe place to lay low for the night. Instead, I met him, and all thoughts of leaving this town behind flew out the window. He gave me a safe place. In his arms. In his bed. In his heart.


As soon as I caught her scent, I knew she was mine. Then she approached me and willingly touched me. No fear for the behemoth with the scarred face and broken vocal chords. In that moment, I knew she was mine. I knew I was never letting her go.

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Bee's Enraged Beast
Bee's Enraged Beast.jpg

Bee's Enraged Beast

James Pack Book 4


I don’t belong. Despite my alpha brother’s protection, many in our pack don’t want a freak like me around. My one chance at acceptance lies with my mate. I know he’s searching for me, but he’s not the only one. I don’t want to die without knowing his face, experiencing his touch, feeling his love.


I don’t belong. With a name like Hannibal, is it any wonder? Most call me Beast, usually in a voice filled with fear. I’m a reaper of sorts. A wolf who hunts down bad wolves, bringing justice for those who most need it. My one shot at acceptance lies in finding my mate. When the man I’m hunting takes a hostage, he signs his death warrant. Once I catch her scent, I know who she is. Mine. Any harm she suffers will be returned tenfold, and her justice will be given in blood and death.

Simon's Runaway Mate

James Pack Book 5


I’ve been fascinated with shifters since my father married one and I inherited a big brother named Hannibal. Following him on the hunt for rogue wolves was fun and exciting. Right up to the minute it wasn’t. Waking up in a hospital bed with a large golden god looming over me wasn’t on my radar either. Falling for him? Out of the question. Now, I’m running because no matter how much I yearn for his touch, I’m not who he wants. But Simon? I’m learning he’s the wolf those tall tales warn you about.


I’ve always had a fascination with humans. So fragile as they go about their day to day lives never knowing what lurks around them. Then there was her. I spilled blood for her. I’d do it again. I claimed her when I carried her to safety. My mate. I’ll forgive her for not understanding. She is human. But running from me should have never crossed her mind. Now, I’ll have to chase her down and show her exactly who she belongs to.

Simon's Runaway Mate.jpg
Simon's Runaway Mate
Gabe's Lone Wolf.jpg

Gabe's Lone Wolf
James Pack Book 5


I’m a lone wolf. I’ve been on the run for years from the wolf pack I was born into, always managing to stay one step ahead. My former alpha won’t let me go unless I force him, which is exactly what I plan to do. With a little help from the James Pack.


She walked into my life, running from an obsessed alpha, and ran right into another. Me. I plan to show her she doesn’t need to run. I’m going to help her. Right after I mate her and make her mine.

Gabe's Lone Wolf
Sasha's Wounded Wolf


My life changed forever the day I was attacked. I barely survived. If not for my brother, I wouldn’t have. Learning that my mate had died in an accident the same day made me pray for death. Revenge gave me purpose until there was no more blood to spill. It was a miracle that saved me. One I vowed to hide away and protect with my life. Until an old friend says he has information on my mate’s death.


I remember the explosion, the fire, and the darkness that sucked me away from it all. Then I woke to unbearable pain and damage even my wolf couldn’t heal. Fire is a brutal enemy, but it wasn’t what destroyed me. No, destruction came with news my mate had been attacked and killed. I didn’t believe it. Refused to even entertain the possibility. Now, I won’t rest until I find her and put those responsible for separating us six feet under.   

Sasha's Wounded Wolf
The James Pack - Book 7

Sasha's Wouunded Wolf2 BN.jpg
Pipers Perfect Mate.jpg

Piper's Perfect Mate
The James Pack - Book 8


I’ve wanted him from the moment I saw him. Tall, strong, dependable, and I only have eyes for him. The only problem is he doesn’t know I exist. I’d give anything for him to notice me, but I never expect what happens when he does.



I tried to ignore her, but she doesn’t make it easy. I feel her gaze on me, watching my every move. There’s only one thing holding me back. She’s young, too young for a wolf like me. Until another wolf shows interest in her. There’s no more denying myself or her. She might come to my bed a virgin, but she’ll be leaving it as my mate.

Piper's Perfect Mate
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