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His to Bear

His to Bear

Awakening Pride: The Holloways - Book 1

Jaeda is all alone, desperate to find safety, and there’s only one place she can go. She’ll have to run for the Holloway land and hope they’ll help her and not force her into a mating she doesn’t want. With hunters hot on her tail, she isn’t sure she’ll make it. Until something carries to her across the breeze, and she meets the bluest eyes she’s ever seen.


Holt never planned to stay with the Holloways. He was only there to offer temporary help. Then a dream ran to him and threw herself into his arms. Her fear was palpable, and when she begged him to protect her, he knew he wasn’t leaving.


He’d protect her, see to all her needs, and keep her right by his side. From the moment she sought his help, she became his to bear.

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Claimed by the Grizzly

Claimed by the Grizzly

Awakening Pride: The Holloways - Book 2

Claimed by the Grizzly 2018 - fin.jpg

Five years ago, the bear shifters were attacked. The alpha was the first to die, but his murder was followed by carefully planned attacks focused on one thing: find and kill the female shifters.


Sidia Blackstone is running for her life. Someone has discovered the existence of the remaining female bear shifters and is determined to hunt them down. One of the elders is dead and the whereabouts of the female he was safeguarding are unknown. Her guardian, Nicholas, sends her to find safety among the Holloway brothers. Her best chance at survival is to find them and if her bear is willing, claim one of the last remaining grizzlies as her mate.


Koby Holloway is one furious grizzly. They’ve just discovered there are surviving female bears hidden among them. Though he swore the one who came to them belonged to him, she chose another as her mate. He doesn’t understand the pull he feels until he learns she has a twin who also survived. Now, nothing will stop him from finding the one meant to be his.

He’d protect her, see to all her needs, and keep her right by his side. From the moment he found her, she was claimed by the grizzly.

Rumble and Growl

Rumble and Growl

Awakening Pride: The Holloways - Book 3

Five years ago, they were attacked. The alpha was the first to die, but his murder was followed by carefully planned attacks focused on one thing: find and kill the female shifters.


Xandra Blackstone is out for blood. She’s spent the last five years forced to hide and wait while the person responsible for the deaths of her parents and youngest sister remains free. Separated from her surviving siblings, her rage has only grown. She and her bear are in agreement. They’ll settle for nothing less than blood.


Declan Holloway is on a mission. Now that he and his brothers know there are female shifters still hidden among them, they’ve made it their focus to find them and protect them. What he didn’t expect was to find himself pursuing one frustrating female who seems hell bent on killing him. With each trap he dodges, his temper rises. When he gets his hands on Xandra Blackstone he might just take her over his knee for the trouble she’s caused him.


 With one glance, neither can deny what their bears know is true. No matter how much they rumble and growl, they belong to one another.

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Kodiak's Heart
Kodiaks Heart Fin.jpg

Kodiak's Heart

Awakening Pride: The Holloways Book 4

For love or duty?

Emersyn Langston has been through hell, and she’s not going to stop until she gets some answers. Her last hope – find the Holloway brothers and seek their protection for her and her ward. To make that happen, she’ll have to hide the truth about what she is.

Laramie Holloway is determined to protect the surviving females of his pack. Before he can work out a way to do it, a blonde dynamo barrels onto his land requesting protection and upending his life.

Both he and his bear know she belongs to them. Only problem is she’s human, a definite no when it comes to the alpha’s mate. What can he do when his alpha duty will shatter his Kodiak’s heart?

Grizzly's Bear

Awakening Pride: The Holloways - Book 3

Grizzly bear Slade Holloway has found his mate, and he’s not taking no for an answer.


Rissa Montgomery followed her alpha to Wyoming and the Holloways, hoping for a fresh start. Instead, she was taken by hunters, tortured, and almost killed.


Slade Holloway is determined to get one more night with the sexy brown bear who has him wound in knots. The brief taste she gave him wasn’t enough. He wants it all. With her.


He has no problem giving chase every time she runs from him. Until the moment he doesn’t reach her in time. Now, he’ll do everything in his power to make sure nothing hurts her again. By making sure she understands that from now on she’s the Grizzly’s Bear. Just as soon as she opens her eyes.

Grizzlys Bear2- BN.jpg
Grizzly's Bear

Polar's Light
The Holloways 6

Polars Light3.jpg

A polar bear shifter with no place to call home. Not anymore. Not since the day Fletch’s mother had sent away him and his younger brother to protect them. They’d found a place with the Holloway Den, but does a polar bear really belong in a den of grizzlies? After all these years, Fletch fears it might be time to move on, to build a home of his own.

One moment changed Helen’s life, allowing her to escape the underground cave where she’s been held for years. Locked away from the world. From the sun, the fresh air, the trees. From all the things a bear shifter craves. Unable to shift, weak from hunger and lack of water, she struggles for each step away from her captors. But she won’t give up until she gets help for the other female captives.

One look and Fletch knows what he’s been searching for. Taking in the fragile state of the woman before him, rage fills both man and beast. But one-word screams through his soul, then her lips part and she whispers it aloud. Mate.

Polar's Light

Bear with Me
The Holloways 7

Bear With Me.jpg

Jemma Coulson has been driving Brock Holloway crazy since the moment she arrived. The pull between them is undeniable. She insights his temper at every turn and ignites a lust only a mating will satisfy. Yet, he can’t claim her. Not yet. Maybe never.

After years of being locked away, Jemma longs for the freedom to come and go as she pleases. Finding herself with the Holloways isn’t the freedom she wanted. Instead, she finds herself surrounded by an overload of testosterone with the seven brothers, especially Brock. The man drives her insane yet fills her with an unbearable heat.

Will an attack bring them closer together or tear them apart for good?

For the best reading experience, this series should be read in order.

Bear with Me
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