His Bare Obsession

Bare Love - Book 1

He’s obsessed with her…

Moira Madigan’s life took a dramatic turn the night she crept into an alley to check on a strange sound. Now, she finds herself at the center of a police hunt for a serial killer who’s left a trail of dead women in his wake.


Tick Tock…


Legacy Police Detective Gil Daniels is running out of time to catch a killer. As the victims pile up, he finds himself drawn further in when he becomes just as obsessed with the killer’s newest target.


Winner takes all…


Hunted by a killer, Moira turns to Gil for protection and so much more. In front of her is what she never let herself hope for. Love and just maybe, happily-ever-after. But in the shadows lies a man determined to make her his, and if he can’t have her, no one can.


This book has been published before. It’s a campy insta-love story, featuring an over the top alpha, a strong, independent heroine and an ensemble cast that will have you laughing. If this is your first introduction to Gil and Moira and the Daniels and Madigan clans, then welcome! If you read the original, the story has been updated and vastly improved. This was the first book I wrote and will always hold a special place in my heart.


Bare Confessions

Bare Love - Book 2

Katie Daniels was on the cusp of getting everything she wanted…until it all fell apart. At least, she thought so. When the man she’s been in love with for years finally shows up at her door, she realizes some things fall apart so better things can come together. That is, if she survives the meddling of her overprotective family.

Detective Ben Marcum is trying his hardest to stay away from his best friend’s younger sister. One look in her big blue eyes has his resolve crumbling. He’s never felt so possessive, but Katie makes him want to beat his chest and warn the rest of the world away from the woman he’s falling hard for. When a vicious attack leaves him afraid of losing her, Ben must make the most important decision of his life, one that has his past coming back to haunt him. Can he keep Katie out of the line of fire or will it all come crashing down around them?

Bare Seduction

Bare Love - Book 3


“I’ve always preferred the heat.”


Cass Sinclair is back in Legacy for her best friend’s wedding, planning to make the most of every moment of her life. Which means when the brother of the groom and his best friend offer her a night of incredible sex, she gives a resounding yes!


Doug and Damon have been searching for a woman willing to take on two domineering men as her lovers and maybe as her partners in this crazy thing called life. One glance at the almost naked beauty parading down their hallway, and they’re certain they’ve found her.


There’s only one problem. Someone doesn’t want them together. As the threats escalate and the romance blossoms, this threesome will have to decide if one night can lead to happily ever after.


NOTE: This book was previously released by another publisher but has been extensively revised and re-edited.

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