Snow Day 2020

It's a snow day, and I'm working from home. Like a real snow day. The first real one since I've moved to Oklahoma. There are big fluffy flakes falling and inches of it built up on the ground. It makes me so happy. I love the snow and have missed it since moving south. (Don't hate me!)

Working from home means I have time to sneak in some writing! I'm super excited for all the stories I have planned for this year. Coming this month will be the third James Pack book, Wolf's Wild Woman. I love this story! This one is about Taylor and Rebel who you met briefly in Beta's Virgin Bride. The cover is gorgeous! I'll share more as release day gets closer.

While I'm waiting on edits for Wolf's Wild Woman, I'm working on wrapping up Their Wild One, which is Jess' story with her four alpha wolves. This book hasn't been the easiest for me. I've started and tossed it out four different times. For some reason I've put a lot of pressure on myself for this story and my muse doesn't like that. I made a deal with myself to let the muse have full rein and stop trying to force the story in certain directions. I kept thinking it needed to mesh up with where you meet them in Waking the Beast, but it doesn't. It's their backstory so it can and should begin at the beginning. Those of you who've read the Awakening Pride series and know the characters now will enjoy this look at when they all met. I know I am. I can't wait to get it out there for all of you. I'm hoping to have it ready for a March release date. No cover yet, but my artist and I have been discussing it. She's amazing so I know it's going to be fantastic!

In the meantime, I'll be moving the second Pleasures Trilogy, Angel Investigations, from wide distribution to Kindle Unlimited. This trilogy contains Guarded for Pleasure, Roped for Pleasure, and Arranged for Pleasure. They'll be moving this weekend on 2/9/2020. If you don't read via Amazon and you'd like to get these stories, grab them before Sunday!

I'm also working on getting the rest of the Bare Love series out this year. Seems easy...but not so much. Sometimes as an author you go back and read something you published early in your career and question everything. I did a lot of head hopping within scenes in my early days, which was acceptable back then for some reason, but not so much now. So...lots of re-writing for those earlier books, and Bare Love was the first series I ever wrote. The first three books are back out, His Bare Obsession, Bare Confessions, and Bare Seduction. I'm currently working on Bare Devotion, and it should be the last one that requires a more intense re-write. Fingers crossed! Which means the rest of the previously published series should be heading back your way during the course of 2020.

I share a lot of stuff in my reader group first. Covers, blurbs, scenes from my current wips. If you're not currently a member, Lacey's Thorns would love to have you. You can find us here:

I also have a couple of big promos coming up next week, so be watching for more on those. And... I might have something special planned for Saturday in my group so make sure you stop in and say hello!

Here's to a kickass 2020!

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