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Enforced Love

Enforced Love

Alpha Enforcer Squad - Book 1

I’m an Enforcer, one of the members of our elite military force. I take my job seriously. When my commander tells me I’m being assigned for six weeks to the Fifth Quadrant, I’m raring to go. This is what I’ve worked for my entire career. It doesn’t even matter that I’ll be assigned as part of a three-man team with Enforcers I’ve never met before.


I have one night to say my farewells and let off some sexual steam before I’m locked into six weeks of nothing but work, and I have my gaze centered on two sexy members of Alpha Squad. All we’ll share is one night of ultimate pleasure.


My mission comes first. My job is my life. I’m prepared for whatever command requires. Until the moment I step through the door and realize one night was only the beginning.

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Love by Command

Love By Command

Alpha Enforcer Squad - Book 2

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I spend every free moment training. I’m a Junior Enforcer. Blame it on my small stature or the fact I’m a woman. Blame it on whatever. All I know is I’ll do whatever it takes to get the Junior status negated so I can be a full-fledged Enforcer. It’s been my dream my entire life.  When my commander tells me it’s mine as long as I agree to be part of an experimental new combat group, a quad unit pairing me with three male Alpha Enforcers, my answer is a resounding yes. So what if it sounds like sex is part of the agenda. I’ve never been shy about taking my pleasure where I find it.

I wasn’t prepared for the three men waiting for me. I feared they’d question my abilities and the way I was earning my place as an Enforcer. Acceptance was more than I expected. Complete trust? Not even on my radar.

I was commanded to work with them, encouraged to bond sexually with them, but falling in love was never part of the deal. If only I could get my heart to understand that.

Breaking Into Love

Breaking Into Love

Alpha Enforcer Squad - Book 3

My name is Mandy, and I’m one of the best code breakers in the galaxy. That means I’m most at home with a hand-held unit, definitely not in a combat zone. So why is Command sending me into the Fifth Quadrant with an elite alpha squad unit?


It doesn’t help that the Liege Commander has sent the most alpha of the Alpha Enforcers to escort me, Tor Dayes and Webb Xantor. I knew from the moment Tor tossed me over his shoulder and ordered me to settle down that we weren’t going to get along. Then Webb informed me there was only one bed on board. I can either share it or sleep on the floor.


Determined to put them in their place, I’ve started a battle I have no hope of winning. I shouldn’t want them, but how much half naked, perfect male flesh can I be exposed to before I cave? 

 We’re all wrong for each other. There’s no future for us together. My job involves breaking codes, not breaking into love. Now, I just need to get my heart to remember that.

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