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Beautiful Dreamer

Beautiful Dreamer

Knight's Watch - Prequel

Two weeks ago, Chase Riley and her best friend were kidnapped, severely beaten and left for dead. Chase was the lone survivor but has been in a coma since she was found. The police, led by her ex-boyfriend, Detective Phillip Wade, still have no idea what happened.


When Phillip gets the call that his sleeping beauty is finally awake, he rushes to her side. There’s just one little problem. Chase doesn’t recall that fateful night, and doctors aren’t certain if she’ll ever remember. The woman before him is nothing like the laughing jokester Phillip once fell for. This woman is quiet, cautious and afraid.


Lines are crossed from the first moment he holds her in his arms and promises everything will be okay. She doesn’t remember their friendly breakup over his inflexible schedule or her uncertainty about marriage and the stress and pressure of being a cop’s wife.


He’s not the only one watching and waiting to see if she’ll remember. There’s someone else with plans to make sure Chase goes back to sleep—permanently.

Note: This book was previously released as part of the Seduction at Midnight Boxed Set

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Jagged Hearts
Jagged Hearts2b.jpg

Jagged Hearts

Knight's Watch - Book 1

Five Years Ago: Brutal Attack Rocks Entertainment Industry


Paisley Ames can't escape the headline splashed across every news outlet, a vivid reminder of the tragedy that changed her life and still haunts her. Despite the passage of time, she can't heal. She can't let in the man who might show her how to live again.

Barrett “Bare” Locke took one look at Jamison Knight’s daughter and saw a survivor. A woman, fierce and strong. Too bad she doesn’t see it. He understands what it is to lose someone you love. If Paisley will give him the chance, he’ll show her how to heal the jagged pieces of her broken heart.


But someone doesn’t want Paisley to heal. They want her to remember…until they decide it’s time for her to die.

Craving Sin

Craving Sin

Knight's Watch - Book 2

Sinclair Eisley, Sin to those who know her, is ready for a change. She’s prepared to put modeling behind her and spend some time getting to know her sister again. She’s only planning on a long vacation until she meets a man who suddenly makes her yearn for that ever elusive happily ever after.


Former military intelligence, scouted by both the FBI and CIA, Gilly Marston likes his life just the way it is. He runs his bar and still dabbles in a few things on the side when the mood hits. He’s big on safety, both his and others who need him. Everything’s perfect until a gorgeous blonde walk in and knocks him on his ass, making him crave a life of sin.


Someone else is craving sin, as well. He’s been watching and waiting for the right time to confess his love. He’s determined to have her, alive or dead.

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The Billionaire's Knight
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The Billionaire's Knight

Knight's Watch - Book 3

He gets what he wants when he wants it.

After an attempted break-in, Billionaire Jase Hayes hires a team of experts to overhaul his security systems. It’s a team he’s hand-selected, most notably Security Specialist Gwen Mercer, the woman he can’t get out of his head. The woman he wants in his bed.

After two tours in the Middle East, Gwen Mercer found a home at Knight’s Watch, a security company that hires soldiers transitioning from active duty to civilian life. Upgrading safety measures with a billionaire is simply part of her job. Ending up in his bed isn’t.

A billionaire who resists “no.” A soldier afraid of “yes.” Will either of them get what they really want? Not if the one targeting Hayes Industries has any say.

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