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Cuffed for Pleasure

Cuffed for Pleasure

Pleasures - Book 1

The Greyson sisters have always craved pleasure. One by one, they find it with men they never knew they needed.

Mandy was hoping for a new start far away from the rumors circulated by her ex-boyfriend. She would be smart this time. Reserved. She would curb her wild side and be the professional she should be. But one look at Mitch and Tanner and those goals fly out the window. And that’s before she even knows about Dylan.


From the first glimpse, Tanner is smitten. It’s easy to see Mitch shares the feeling. And neither has any doubt Dylan will feel the same. There’s just something about Mandy. Now if they can only persuade her to give them a chance.


One woman with three men satisfying all her needs. Let the pleasure begin.

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Heated for Pleasure
Heated for Pleasure - fin2 - D2D Version

Heated for Pleasure

Pleasures - Book 2

The Greyson sisters have always craved pleasure. One by one, they find it with men they never knew they needed.

Ashley is all about generating heat. She’s a baker after all. But nothing prepares her for the heat she feels when three firefighters show up to thank her for the baked goods she sends their way.


Andre, Diego and Linc have always been the best of friends. They all want a taste of the hot new baker. They’re even willing to share.


Three sexy men and one lucky lady…bring on the HEAT!

SEALed for Pleasure

SEALed for Pleasure

Pleasures - Book 3

Mia is on the hunt for an alpha hero to play the starring role in her next book. Looking for some inspiration, she finds just that with three of the hottest men she’s ever met. They exude confidence and authority, and she wonders if they are the same in the bedroom. But to be with them is to submit in ways she’s not sure she can. She’s never been much for obedience.

Tris, Brent, and Mick have been to hell and back together as SEAL teammates, and chances are they’ll take the same trip again. So when they get free time, they like to play hard. And they like to share. Once Mia hits their radar, only she will do. They want her naked, bound, and on her knees, ready to submit to everything they desire.

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Pleasures Anthology: The Greyson Sisters

Books 1-3

Guarded for Pleasure
Guarded for Pleasure - 1light.jpg

Guarded for Pleasure

Pleasures - Book 4

River, Tara, and Kat met in the police academy and decided to forgo becoming a cop and try life as a private investigator instead. That easily, Angel Investigations was born.

River is on the run from an ex-boyfriend who takes psycho to a new level. When he told her he always took care of what belonged to him, she never imagined he was referring to her. In the small town where he has all the connections, she has no choice but to flee.


Phil, Luke, and Rick are three sexy bodyguards who share the penthouse apartment in the building she is staying in. When her ex finds her, they step in to help her. Fortunately, they have more than just guarding her body in mind. They’ll guard her pleasure as well, and make sure she never wants again.

Roped for Pleasure

Roped for Pleasure

Pleasures - Book 5

River, Tara, and Kat met in the police academy, decided to forgo becoming cops and try life as private investigators instead. That easily, Angel Investigations was born.

After a shooting involving her best friends and the detective who tormented them all, Tara is looking for healing. But she can’t forget, can’t heal, when someone is determined to keep reminding her, sending a picture to her phone every day. First, pictures of Detective Raymond Marino then graphic crime scene photos of women’s deaths. Is someone sending Tara a warning?


Kat’s brother and his two best friends have wanted Tara since they first met her. Charlie, Dasan, and Sam are determined to help her heal with as much TLC as she can handle. Three men set on giving her more pleasure than she’s ever known, as long as they rope her in before time runs out.

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Arranged for Pleasure

Arranged for Pleasure

Pleasures - Book 6

Arranged for Pleasure - 2.jpg

River, Tara, and Kat met in the police academy, decided to forgo becoming cops and try life as private investigators instead. That easily, Angel Investigations was born.

Targeted by a killer, Kat is forced into lockdown, guarded by the three men she most wants to escape, along with her vivid memories of the night she indulged in her wildest fantasies. One woman can’t have three men as lovers forever… Can she?


Rafe has loved Kat since they were kids, spending his entire life looking after her and introducing her to his two best friends and the pleasure of being with them. He knows Kat loved every moment, despite her fleeing the following morning.  Now Rafe, Liam, and Adrian are back, helping to protect Kat and wanting only one more thing— to arrange for her pleasure, in hopes of showing her just how possible it is to keep three men forever.

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Pleasures Anthology:

Angel Investigations

Books 4-6

Cured for Pleasure

Cured by Pleasure

Pleasures - Book 7

Deja loves her career working as a temp, moving from job to job, covering for those on holiday, sick leave, or just filling vacated positions not yet occupied. Growing up in foster care, she was accustomed to moving around a lot, until she found a home and two sisters, Skye and Melda.


Arriving at another job in a physician’s office, Deja meets the three doctors at the practice—each of them a woman's greatest fantasy in the flesh. Normally, she'd pick one and make her move, but she wants all three and can't decide.


Asher, Beck, and Spencer share more than a practice. Sharing a woman, showering her with pleasure is the perfect prescription to cure any ailment. When they convince Deja to join them for one night, no one expects more than a brief fling. But what will they do when none of them wants to walk away?

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Faithful in Pleasure
Faithful in Pleasure -F.jpg

Faithful in Pleasure

Pleasures - Book 8

Melda longs for permanence, which she’s found with her two foster sisters, Deja and Skye, who love her as if they were blood sisters. She’s had the same job for Hines Property Management since she was sixteen, and though Mr. Hines is hard to deal with at times, she won’t leave. The only adventurous thing she’s done lately is to take an unknown Marine as a pen pal.

Her Marine turns out to be three Marines who happen to share the same last name. When they leave the desert behind, they have one plan. Find Melda and persuade her to give them a chance. Houston, Darius, and Cruz have no problem sharing and are willing to follow whatever rules she sets, in order to win her over.


Three men. Three dates. And three unforgettable nights of pleasure. Let the seduction begin.

Agents of Pleasure

Agents of Pleasure

Pleasures - Book 9

Skye has a secret she's kept from everyone. Three lovers who cross in and out of her life as time permits. Seeing her sisters so happy makes her want more for herself.

Rance, Sawyer and Jeff have taken turns joining in sex games with Skye. Now all three men are willing to admit they want more. If Skye wants to keep her agents of pleasure, she's going to have to agree to forever.

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Bewitched for Pleasure

Bewitched for Pleasure

Pleasures - Book 10

Bewitched for Pleasure - final.jpg

Brenna has always been a little on the shy side, or maybe she just feels overshadowed by her more outgoing best friend. Either way, enough is enough. This Halloween, she’s going to have some fun with one of the three hunks she’s had a crush on forever. The only question is—which one might be interested in her?

Scott, Travis and Kyle have been the best of friends most of their lives. None of them really planned on coming back to their hometown or finding little Brenna all grown up and sexy as hell. They all want her, and no one is willing to walk away.

A full moon, candlelight and the casting of a spell will make this Halloween one none of them will ever forget.

Hammered With Pleasure

Hammered With Pleasure

Pleasures - Book 11

Claudia McIver has spent most of her life with one tool or another in her hand. As the only child of a construction tycoon, she’s learned the business from the ground up. When her father announces he’s ready to retire, she’s prepared to step in and fill his illustrious shoes. That is until he tells her he’s ready for grandbabies! Then he cons her into a blind date with not one but three men, telling her to pick the one that strikes her fancy. How’s a woman to pick one when she wants all three?


Harmon Kellogg, Cam Quincy, and Paz Whelan have had their gazes locked on Claudia for years. The three men have a reputation for working hard and playing even harder. They’re a team in everything they do with no exceptions, not even in the bedroom. They plan to take full advantage of Bryan McIver’s arrangement and persuade Claudia how wonderful it can be to have three men completely focused on one thing…her pleasure.

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Wrapped In Pleasure
Wrapped in Pleasure - final1.jpg

Wrapped in Pleasure

Pleasures Book 12

Three sexy men and one lucky lady…bring on the pleasure!

Noelle has spent the last year as the personal assistant to the three CEOs of JM Frost & Co. Though she fantasizes about each of them, they don’t seem to share her interest. The last thing she expected was to be fired right before Christmas. Least of all through an email!

Kris, Nick, and Frosty are tired of hiding their desire for their sexy assistant. They want her in their bed not their office.

A sudden snowstorm could bring them all the best gift of all and leave each of them wrapped in pleasure.

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