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More Than One Night

More Than One Night

Something More - Book 1

When fantasy becomes reality, will one night be enough?

For Dee Summers and her two best friends, girls night out is a weekly staple. It’s a chance to share food, drinks, and the best and worst of their weeks. When Dee admits to a one-night stand gone bad, her friends rally around her, reminding her that her heart has always belonged to another, Jack Fairview. She’s lusted after him since her teen years. Now, she avoids him whenever he’s home on leave from the Marines. Learning he’s back for good throws her a curve, but admitting how much she wants him will change her life.


When Jack overhears Dee saying she wants to spend the night with him, going at each other like animals, he’s caught by surprise. His sister’s friend is all grown up and sexy as hell. He’s more than willing to help her fulfill a fantasy or two. Despite her assurance it will be one time only, Jack knows she’s had a crush on him for years. He’s prepared to walk away, but his plans vanish the moment he touches her.


One touch…one taste…one night…will never be enough.

Note: This book was previously released as Jack’s Dee-Light in the Girls Night Out series.

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More Than Friends
More Than Friends 2019.jpg

More Than Friends

Something More - Book 2

Friends can make the best lovers.

Jacey Fairview likes sex. She’s not great at relationships, but she’s always up for a good time. If she gets her heart a little bruised now and then, she has Jonas Bellamy to pick her up and dust her off. Or she did, until he got the idea they shouldn’t be friends anymore.


A heated argument with Jonas leads to the best sex of Jacey’s life and a confession from Jonas. He knows her, what she likes, what she wants, what she needs. Maybe even better than she does. He isn’t looking for friends with benefits. For him, it’s everything or nothing at all.


Can Jacey and Jonas find what they both crave by becoming more than friends?


Note: This book was previously released as What Friends Are For in the Girls Night Out series.

More Than I Do

More Than I Do

Something More - Book 3

Excited to celebrate their first anniversary, Mischa and Clint rent a secluded cabin for a week of relaxation and fun. Mischa packs a bagful of hot, new toys and goodies to explore with her husband. She plans to act out a few of the naughty sex fantasies they always talk about.


Clint brings some toys of his own to surprise his wife—and surprise her he does with one particular sneaky device. By the time the week is over, they may never want to leave. Who better to get wild and explore the forbidden with than the person you promised to love forever?


There’s more than sex on the agenda though. Clint has something important to share with his wife, something he’s not sure she’ll accept. Mischa has something to discuss also. Something that will change their lives forever.


Note: This book was previously released as Marital Bliss in the Girls Night Out series.

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